Elite -Tri Box

Tri Box fra Elite hjelper deg med å organisere ustyret ditt til punkt og prikke, og legger opp til at du skal
være mest mulig effektiv i en transition. Man kan bruke 4 forskjellige løsninger som alle er integrert i sekken.
Komfortabel å ha på, enkel å bruke. Se den informative videoen under:

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kr. 1.099 inkl. mva

kr. 1.999 inkl. mva

-kr. 900

Easy to Transport: Tri Box can be transported like a backpack to the transition zone (on or off the bicycle)
while preserving the neat organiztion of the contents. Aviod the confusion that too often happens in the transition.
Fully collapsible: when not in use, Tri Box can be completely folded by unzipping the zippers to the full, so as to reduce the bulk to 1/3 compared to when it is in use,
which is convenient when travelling, at home or in the locker room
Inside Compartment Optimization: two internal separators organize materials and separate wet from
Shoe-carrying Bag: Tri Box includes two sturdy and practical bags that fold up as one and arrange shoes in a simple, practical, and intuitive way to reduce transition times.
It also includes a towel, attached to the bag by a velcro strip, to dry your feet during transitionis when necessary.
Gear Bag: Tri Box includes a quickly foldable gear bag that stores your wet or dry gear.