Elite - Drivo II

Elite har nå perfeksjonert rullekonseptet deres med fantastiske Drivo II. Den er nå raskere i responsen enn forgjengeren og har en optisk torque sensor (OTS)
som måler vridningen i akslelen når du trør. Wattmåleren har derfor en nøyaktighet helt ned i 0.5%.
Rammekonstruksjonen er bredere og mer stabil. Innendørs trening har aldri vært så morro og realistisk!

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kr. 13.999 inkl. mva


DRIVO II is counted among the new generation of ANT+™ FE-C & Bluetooth interactive home trainers that are compatible with any kind of app, software, computer and device (smartphones and tablets) that support iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.
Set your course or training programs with a few clicks and start pedaling right away.
DRIVO II automatically adjusts resistance and manages your training session.
Passion for pedaling along with the accuracy of DRIVO II is the right combination for perfect training sessions.
DRIVO can be managed via the My E-Training software (36-month free subscription) or other indoor cycling services (which usually require paid subscription), such as: Zwift, TrainerRoad,
The Sufferfest, Bikevo, Kinomap and many more.


Pedaling analysis is a new function developed exclusively for those who choose one of ELITE's top interactive home trainers, among which DRIVO II stands out.
This function monitors a cyclist power output via a 24 point system along the whole pedaling movement.
By employing two types of charts it is possible to display the power output change while pedaling, the overall coordination of the pedaling movement as a result of the
combined effort of the extensor and flexor muscles, and also the pedalling roundness and mechanical efficiency of the training performance.
The pedaling analysis function is available for purchase in Elite's My E-Training software.
Elite has made Drivo II faster, more responsive.
Its stepping motor can adjust the required resistance almost immediately to give you an exciting experience.
Whether you’re facing a steep climb in an Elite Real video or the volcano in Zwift Drivo II immediately reacts
Virtual reality becomes more tangible, almost real.
You’ll be impressed by it!


DRIVO II automatically adjusts resistance and is compatible with the best apps and software - it can be managed via ELITE or third party software.
The home trainer is compatible both with road and MTB bikes.
Including 142 x 12 mm thru-axle adapters.


Accurate and powerful, DRIVO II is simulates slopes up to 24% as it has a very high power output even at low speed.


The internal 6-kg. flywheel has been designed to recreate the same pedaling roundness you have when cycling on the road.