Redusert pris! IXS - Xult

IXS - Xult

Fullface hjelm til stisyklisten som ønkser å pushe egne grenser. God komfort samtidig som den er

meget luftig. High-Tech antibakterielt Coolmax materiale holder fuktigheten vekk i fra huden. 

Vekt: ca 1100g 

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- FRP, Fiber Reinforced Polymer shell

- Xrail, integrated Xmatter absorption foam

- Vortex, in-moulded aeration

- EPR, Emergancy Padding Release

- Adjustable visor

- Washable padding

- Double-D safety closeure

- +/-1100g - EN1078 & U.S. CPSC certified

Cedric Garcia:

"The concept and the idea of a 'cross over full face' has been developed in close cooperation with Cedric Gracia. As a professional Enduro contestant,
the most important to Cedric is his safety and to be properly protected. He would never compete without his full face helmet on.
Only with a full face he can be confident of getting up again healthy and alright after the event of a heavy crash.
Traditional full face helmets have a negative side, its traditional design tend to overheat and seem to be heavy and bulky.
The intense movement of riding a bike causes a lot of moisture loss and sweating.
As a cooperation with Cedric we have developed a full face helmet which by its Vortex molded aeration system and the integrated Xrail(TM)
absorption unit as well as with its FRP(TM) fiber reinforced structure, essentially improves comfort and safety" - R.P. -iXS industrial designer